What is digital?

When people hear "Deloitte," they tend to think "accountants in suits." As a recently acquired agency under the Big D umbrella, Deloitte Digital was often stuck with that association. In writing the voiceover/shooting script for this promotional reel, I shifted the attention to the "digital" part of their name.   


Our challenge was to create a tagline to promote Deloitte Digital’s sponsorship of the Dreamforce sales conference. DD’s angle was to help clients better engage with their customers — to create connections, build relationships, develop loyalty. I applied this 1:1 construct to a handful of hot-button industry terms: DES1:1GN, INNOVAT1:1ON, EXPER1:1ENCE, ANALYT1:1CS, etc. It was used not only on buttons, but on event signage, handouts and more. S1:1mple, but effect1:1ve. (Ba-dum-bum.)