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I'm a copywriter, which is to say I write short sentences to sell things.

I got in the newspaper game at age 12, when I launched my own quasi-weekly tabloid (handwritten and Xeroxed on a single 8.5"x17" sheet of paper — both sides, of course). It was primarily ad-driven and made me literally dozens of dollars over a frenzied four-issue run. 

Fast forward to the Minnesota Daily, then the largest college newspaper in the country, where I kicked around in editorial writing and sports reporting before spending a year as editor in chief. Fun fact: I was in the shower when I heard the breaking news report of a massive academic fraud scandal unfolding at the University. It was quite a year.

Keep it simple. Get to the point. Talk like a person.
— Ancient copywriting philosophy

My copywriting career began in Minneapolis, where I wrote cheeky product descriptions for Red Hot Shop — a little-known but much-loved outpost on That led to an opportunity in Seattle, still writing for Target, only from much further away.

During my nearly 10 years here, I've had the good fortune to work with smart people and strong brands, on both the agency side and in-house. I write clean and fast, whatever the context: voiceover, short-form, long-form, banners, mobile, social, whitepapers, proposals, technology, education, retail.

Bring me your weak, your tired, your uninspired content — I will help your brand breathe free!

I used to see stuff like this and think "job security," but now I'm beginning to think nobody even gives a crap anymore. Shouldn't McDonald's be pissed they paid for an ad with glaring typos?

Posted by Aaron Kirscht on Saturday, June 6, 2015

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